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Love Reflected in Compassion

There are some very bad people in the world, and in America as well, they have too much control over people’s lives. Why? Because good people allow bad people to control the conversation and define the language. By accepting tolerance as a virtue and the moral relativism it protects, good people suppose that it is inappropriate to speak out against behaviors that are detrimental to civil society. Don’t want to offend, you know! But when good people fail to offend bad people with a defense of morality and the terms that support and sustain it, bad people go wild, very wild. One of the terms “bad people” often misrepresent is compassion. The following discussion on the issue of compassion will offend the sensibilities of some, maybe even some good people’s sensitivities.

Compassion is the ability to place oneself in the circumstance of another and then react on the person’s behalf in a constructive manner (putting yourself in another’s shoes and then helping them to get better shoes—it does not do harm). We hear politicians throw around the word “compassion” as if it magically approves or justifies whatever they are promoting at the time. After all, “Who doesn’t want to be compassionate?” The problem is that compassion has a meaning that limits its application to a certain group of people. Who might these people be?

Think through this next passage of Scripture carefully: “There are six things which the Lord hates, yes, seven are an abomination to Him: haughty eyes (pride), a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that run rapidly to evil, a false witness who utters lies (perjury), and one who spreads strife among brothers (Proverbs 6:16-19). For now, just focus on the two in italics. If the life you lead and the policies you create are formed for your own or your own group’s personal gain or power, and if the general message you spread tends to divide the people for whom you are responsible or have influence, God does not think positively of you, to say the least. In fact, you are an abomination in the eyes of God, a person He actually hates (Such a statement sounds harsh, even radical, because those who stand for moral absolutes have, for the most part, been successfully silenced, having been programmed, by means of the false virtue of tolerance, to reject hate as always evil. In reality, the intolerant moralists become the evil haters while the wicked prosper.). The only reason wicked people survive to live another day is due to God’s love, which restrains His hate or keeps it in check as He works His overall plan for humankind to completion. Hate, when appropriate, always works in association or partnership with love. It is important to understand that the opposite of love is not hate. The opposite of love is selfishness, which results in unrestrained hatred, that is, a hatred that is not restrained by love and its many virtues (kindness, patience, goodness, etc. See Galatians 5).

As you continue from this point on in the Book of Proverbs, you will quickly discover that all seven of these despicable traits describe people who are classified as “the wicked.” We desperately need to identify the truly wicked among us; we need to stop allowing the wicked to define our terms (love, hate, compassion, etc…) and tell us how to react to situations and conditions that are abhorrent or appalling. The reaction that makes Judeo-Christian people unique and necessary in the world is that the hatred they legitimately experience is consistent with the mind of God, that is, their hatred is always restrained or conditioned by their God-given abiding love for humankind. A person who is not repulsed by (i.e., hates) the people who commit these seven abominations against the Lord is guilty of tolerating the very evils that suppress or diminish his or her faith. Please consider that Christians should never be tolerant of evil, but patient while always working and living in such a manner as to lessen the effects of evil in the world. The wicked want others to tolerate them so that they can go forward unmolested by common sense and the guilt they would otherwise experience.

This toleration of the wicked is what allows them to fool Christians into thinking that the wicked can have compassion for their fellow human beings. Think carefully through this remarkably clear passage of Scripture: “A righteous man has regard for the life of his beast (i.e., those animals who serve him as laborers in the fields), but the compassion of the wicked is cruel” (Proverbs 12:10). The compassion of the wicked is not even able to express gratitude to the beasts that serve them, much less for fellow human beings. Like the common beast of burden, human beings (the poor, uneducated and disadvantaged) are tools to be used for the advancement of their ideas, which intrinsically and inevitably are bound to the attainment of power. The point is simply this: wickedness is antithetical or hostile to compassion, that is, they are incompatible or mutually exclusive. The wicked are not capable of genuine compassion.

When you think through the two activities of the wicked we discussed above, does anyone or any group of people come to mind? Probably! Did anyone devise a plan to encourage people to walk from Central America to the United States and receive amnesty and citizenship? Yes! Was this plan for the good of these peoples or for the good of those who devised and set the plan in motion? For the good of the divisors of the plan! Did anyone suggest that those who were opposed to processing illegal immigrants into the country lacked compassion or had no regard for the welfare of children? Yes, most certainly! Did anyone suggest that this lack of concern was tantamount to hatred? Yes! Have any of these people addressed the horrors that this self-promoting policy has had on the illegal immigrants? No! They diminish, cover-up, or deny the data. Have they admitted to being culpable for the diseases these travelers have obtained; have they addressed the threat these illnesses pose for their fellow travelers and to law-abiding American citizens? Not with any real concern! Does the sexual abuse of these migrants or their deaths by murder and starvation cause the divisors of their plan to reconsider the plan’s value? NO! Does the threat posed by Mexican gangs and cartels crossing the southern border of the United States cause them any pause whatsoever? No! Does their knowledge that other migrants crossing the border have links to terrorist countries, such as Syria and others, alter their plans? No! Have any of the divisors of this plan recommended reconnecting the children with their parents in Central America? No! Could the present economic struggle in this country and its associated joblessness influence a delay in their amnesty plans? No, they deny the joblessness and rave about the “growing economy” even though it doesn’t exist. Have they considered the work, by many Americans on the border to feed and care for these people until they can be returned to their homes of origin, to be compassionate? Of course not! Why? Because the wicked are by nature cruel, not compassionate. They are a humanistic ideological community that despises those who reject their push for a one-world utopia governed by the “smartest” among the people. In their minds, not even God has the authority to interfere with their plans, but in their minds, He doesn’t exist or want to get involved.

From the perspective of self-serving politicians, the reality is as follows: anyone who does not support amnesty for illegal immigrants is without compassion, divisive, and hateful. The actual and shameful character of these wicked leaders is projected upon those who are truly compassionate, non-divisive, and loving. This willful, deceitful, and cruel strategy is the epitome of wickedness and it is viral amongst our politicians, especially among those who are Democrats. Why is this the case? Because the Democratic Party, as well as many in the Republican establishment, have made it clear that they prefer a humanistic foundation in the place of one that is divine. “Man knows best” is their mantra, which in practice simply means that the elites know best—this arrogant mindset not only works out badly for the poor and disadvantaged, it always expands their population exponentially while supposedly improving the Democrat voter base. Hence the reason to encourage more of the poor and disadvantaged to come to the United States is to serve the selfish ends of these elite masterminds. Anytime the God of Scripture is ignored or removed from the public and private lives of a people, wickedness naturally and quickly fills the void where righteousness once held an effective and welcomed place. Compassion, which was real and effective in curtailing genuine suffering in the United States and abroad for over two centuries, is now turned on its head and used to disguise the cruel intentions of a wicked elite in academia and government.

People have sadly and unfortunately fallen prey to the absurd conviction that they “should never engage in conversations regarding religion or politics.” My dear reader, everything of real value is connected to religion and politics. If you get them right, you establish a nation like the United States; if you get them wrong, well, look around you; the consequence of getting them wrong is everywhere to witness. If the people of God continue to willfully, or through ignorance, isolate themselves from the political forum and ignore the importance of the religious Judeo-Christian founding of this nation, they, along with the wicked to whom they have relinquished power and influence, will be collaborators in the demoralizing poverty and oppression that will certainly come to our shores and cripple the United States. The people of God are to be the ethical and moral reflection and influence of God in the world. Silence, among those who have been blessed with absolute truth, reflects an absence of love for God and humankind. This fact may be hard to hear and accept; nonetheless, it is true. The Judeo-Christian influence in Mosul, Iraq is now extinguished by force; will this God-given gift also be extinguished in the United States by fear disguised by tolerance? God forbid! Tolerance of evil in all its forms, as outlined in Proverbs 6, does not produce compassion; it permits all manner of cruelty. The inconvenient truth for many is that compassion is a virtue not of the wicked, but of the righteous.

The other stroke of genius devised by Democrats is using “compassion” to convince the American people to support the Black population through welfare. Let’s provide subsidized housing (this transformed into the projects); let’s give them food stamps to subsidize their food costs. Let’s give the mothers of newborns funding to support their children. If they get married, the subsidy goes away. What happens? Sex outside of marriage increases and more children in the Black community are fatherless. These fatherless children do not receive the discipline that the family provides and the neighborhoods turn into war zones. And who is at fault for this disaster? The uncompassionate, of course—the people who don’t want to throw more money at the problem. This strategy designed by progressives is called compassion, but in reality, it is a policy designed to keep the Black community firmly in the Democrat voting block.

The lesson in this is to understand that people who deny God or live without the influence of Christian principles cannot be compassionate; it is not natural or consistent with their state of mind or philosophy. The history of the world is filled with the horrible results of good intentions, but good intentions are not synonymous with divine compassion.

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